Be public about your environmental choices when creating printed correspondence and inspire others to do the same! At Palmer, our green initiatives include:

  • ResponsibleStewards_Logo2C.jpgPromotion, education and consulting to meet individual client’s environmental initiatives
  • Self inspection through PIM Great Printer Environmental Initiative
  • Initiative to invest in equipment, processes and technology to boost efficiencies and lower waste
  • Use of Vegetable based inks
  • Focus on reduction and elimination of VOC’s in production chemistry
  • Recycled products are used for printing production and office environment including  paper, printing plates and other various products
  • Use of “treeless” and recycled papers
  • Maintain memberships in organizations providing us with higher education and understanding

Being a Minnesota Great Printer means we subscribe to all the Federal, State and Local regulations pertaining to EPA guidelines. Certification as a Minnesota Great Printer takes the regulations to a higher level by requiring that Palmer Printing take additional steps in conservation to exceed these standards and be accountable to the Printing Industry of Minnesota for these practices and verify that we rise above these standards. Audits are performed annually.

Vegetable Based Inks
Palmer has years of experience in the use and application of vegetable based inks, These inks are manufactured from various vegetables including soy, canola, linseed and also various seeds. These are renewable resources used to lower VOC’s in inks and are totally non-toxic. These inks are readily disposable, biodegradable and recyclable.

Recyclable -vs- Recycled
“Recyclable” means the product you have in your hands is able to be recycled because it has “no attachments” which prevent it from entering in conventional recycling programs.  When you recycle that product, it goes back into the manufacturing process to be remanufactured. This remanufactured product is now classified as “Recycled” and may contain various levels of Pre-Consumer and/or Post-Consumer waste.